Sacramento Cricket Association, CA, U.S.A - Score Sheet_Fixture update Instructions

Instructions for adding Players, Fixtures  and Score-sheets on

These steps are for team reps or whoever is going to upload score sheets for their team.

  • The statistician must have added your team into the website. If not send a note to statistician.
  • Each team rep will need Admin login access to add players. Request through the yahoo groups forum or through League statistician.
  • Login into the admin account
  • First add all the Team members in system, if not there. Your team name should already be there provided by statistician. From the homepage, click on the team name, click on the member from top menu, Edit Member, then add a new member.  

Add Fixture

  • Then first thing to do is add fixtures. Click on “Fixtures” and select <your team>
    Click “Add Fixture” from top menu.  Add both home and away games for the season.
  • Once the fixture is added, you can send notification to your team to select their availability.

Update Fixture

  • After the match is completed, select the fixture, click “FIXTURES”  and select the fixture you want to update.
  • Enter the score details on the fixture.     
  • Enter match report for each game using below template: 
Match Report:
Toss won by: 
TeamName Batting First:  Score/wkts in Overs
TeamName Batting Second: Score/Wkts in Overs
Certified Umpire : Yes/No ( Name) 
2nd umpire: Yes/No (Name) 


Upload Score sheet

  • Click “Uploaded Scoresheets” from the left menu on the site.
  • Click on your team score sheet folder, click “Add Photos” from the top menu  and upload the scanned copy of the score sheet image.
  • During the upload process, in the Related fixture column, click “Select Fixture” button and select the fixture that this particular score sheet belongs to. Please note that the fixture must be created first before uploading the score sheet.
  • Please make sure to verify that the scoresheet image is uploaded correctly and is accessible from




Score sheet Upload Rules

1) Score sheet upload and Fixture update are due by Thursday(midnight) following the game day. If both are not completed in time, the team will incur ONE (1) penalty point. 

2) Please assign a player who can do the scoring accurately. Make sure to complete all sections of the score sheet.

3) Please write legibly on the score sheet and neatly so that it is readable.

4) Please enter the playing 11 for both the teams, with Umpires sign-offs before the game start.

5) Please use the official player name, NO Nick/short names. The Playoff eligibility will be tracked from game 1, so if the player's name is not legible, they might lose the playoffs exceptions.

6) Umpires (Umpiring team), please make sure to validate the score sheet thoroughly and sign-off after the game.

7) Playing teams, please make sure to get the umpires sign-off, it’s your responsibility.

8) In case the SCA website is down or other upload issues, you can email the score sheet to the statistician to meet the deadline, however, don't forget to upload it after the site is back up again.

9) Please complete the playing 11 (player names/batting line up) on the score sheet, get the signoff from umpires, upload it, even if the game is not completed/Forfeited after showing up at the ground.

10) If the players name is NOT on the score sheet, that game/match will not be counted for playoff eligibility, even-though they showed up on the ground for match.  Please NO Exceptions, last few years, we have had issues with it and we don't want to dig thru the old score sheet or try to investigate if the player played that game or not.